Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spiritual Practice: Care of Creation

When I was a child, I would wake up on Saturday mornings to the boisterous songs of my father who got me excited about working in our garden together.  I knew it meant going out in the hot sun, getting dirty and working hard, but I associated all of that with the positive feeling I got from caring for creation.
Twenty years later, I still thrive off of caring for the miracle of creation that we can eat and enjoy!  The image above shows the kale harvest from the summer interfaith institute I participated in.  We woke up every morning to work in the gardens as a commitment to each other, our community and God.  The food we grew fed the many people who visited Stony Point Center.  This was  a commitment to use what God gave us to grow food without hurting the earth that is actually good for our bodies!

A partnership between Jews and Muslims at the University of Michigan came to Chicago to work with the Inner-City Muslim Action Network on a project that supported local community and the environment.  Students spent their spring break supporting the Green ReEntry program in providing a sustainable home for residents in a disconnected community.  Something in their faith practice pushed them to pursue this service to community and care for creation in their free time.  There is deeper meaning in this service.

In the first creation story of Genesis,God created the earth good and created humanity in God's image - which is also good.  What practice are you committed to that empowers you to support God's good creation?

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